Land and Sea

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  • Land and Sea
  • Madrid views, with Almudena cathedral
  • Gran Via street by night, Madrid
  • Puerta de Alcalá (Alcala Gate), Madrid
  • Sunset over Toledo from a nearby hill
  • Toledo Cathedral
  • Alcazar of Toledo dominating the city
  • The New Cathedral, Salamanca
  • Plaza Mayor (Main Square), Salamanca
  • Inside the Casa de las Conchas (House of Shells), Salamanca
  • Magdalena Palace, Santander
  • Sardinero beach, Santander
  • Santander by night
  • Guggenheim museum, Bilbao
  • Bilbao's architecture, near the ría
  • Old Quarter of Bilbao
  • San Sebastian panorama
  • Sann Sebastian City Hall
  • San Sebastian beach

Land and Sea

Trip duration: 12 days
Madrid - Toledo - Madrid - Salamanca - Santander - Bilbao - San Sebastián - Madrid
This varied itinerary will take you from the most impressive cultural cities in the centre of Spain to the lush greenery of the northern coast and the Cantabrian Sea. Madrid, Castilian cities like Toledo and Salamanca and the best representatives of the north: Cantabria and the Basque Country.

On this trip you will visit:

- Madrid, another city that never sleeps, you'll always have to decide between three or four different plans. You can visit the Prado museum, one of the most important ones in the world, and take in the pretty sights and the great environment on the streets, bars and plazas. You will discover a restless city.

- Toledo: mystic, mysterious and medieval. Also known as the city of the three cultures since Muslims, Jewish and Christians cohabited here for centuries and all left their mark. You will feel that you're in an open-air museum, there's charm and grace everywhere you look. The narrow, cobbled streets make Toledo seem like a great labyrinth.

- Salamanca, the gothic plateresque architecture makes its downtown one of the most spectacular ones in Spain. The streets, monuments and university environment will mesmerize you.

- Santander: another picturesque little city with small palaces, unspoiled beaches and plenty of typical food choices to try.

- Bilbao will surprise you with its dynamism and vitality, with its museums such as the Guggenheim and its spectacular old town, the perfect place to relish the typical pintxos.

- San Sebastián: you will be immersed in one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, an elegant reminder of past times. Its home of one of the most beautiful city beaches in the world.

Start your trip! Depending on what time you arrive, you may be able to explore Madrid in depth or simply get your bearings. Take a stroll or go out for dinner and a refreshing drink. You deserve a rest after your travels!
 Toledo & Madrid
 Madrid & Salamanca
 Salamanca & Santander
 Bilbao & San Sebastián
 San Sebastián
 San Sebastián & Madrid
What is and is not included in this Trip


  • Accommodation: 11 nights' accommodation, with breakfast in the places that include it.

  • Transportation: 7 bus tickets between the cities of the trip (in case of no availability train tickets will be provided).

  • Extras: Entrance tickets and selected activities (pending confirmation by providers).

  • Travel Guide: Written by Nomads Spain and recommended by locals, with useful info and tips of every place to visit during your trip.


  • Meals: Except for breakfast, when included.

  • Other transportation, transfers, tickets or activities not mentioned on the Trip Inclusions..
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