Nomads Spain is a group of people with one common passion: travel. After visiting half the world in search of new places and feelings, we know a traveller's needs. We have personal experience of finding the best places to visit, how to save money, the most exciting experiences and the most economical accommodation.

We started Nomads Spain to focus all our knowledge of the country we know the best: España. We can answer all your questions, including:

- What places can't I miss?

- What's the best way to get around?

- How much time to spend in each one.

This website includes personalised itineraries to the best destinations in Spain, adapted to your preferences and trip duration. We're able to optimise your trip and your time so you don't miss anything. From solo trips for culture lovers to romantic getaways for couples or party trips with friends, we have the perfect trip for you.

We are specialists at travelling on a budget, so our prices are unbeatable. As a travel agency, we can negotiate prices that a single traveller cannot get.

In addition, we don't like organised tours with huge groups, fixed timings and mandatory activities. With Nomads Spain, you can manage your trip as you like and visit every place at your preferred pace. We offer you the best itineraries, the best prices and the best information to help you make the most of your trip.


We know the best hostels and guesthouses, because we have been there ourselves, plus we get awesome prices. We guarantee the best budget accommodation, right in the city centre and with excellent reviews from other travellers.


The Spanish public transport system is cheap and comfortable if you know how to travel. Our trips are optimised to have the best connections between cities, to save you time. We support bus travel because it's a fast, comfortable and reasonable way to get around on a budget.


Every area in Spain offers outstanding activities. We suggest the best of them, as options, so you only do the ones you are interested in. They include sports and adventure, surf, scuba diving, guided tours, monument tickets, food tours... Choose from a wide range.


With the help of local experts, we have created small travel guides that we send to you when you travel with us. Visit hidden corners, away from the main routes and find the nicest places to eat and drink at all your destinations.


Nomads Spain is a group of people with one common passion: travel



Crazy about travelling, he has roamed half the world, always on a budget. Nomads Spain is his way to combine his passion with his job, offering cheap trips around the country he knows best: Spain.

You can read his blog  Mi Casa es Redonda, with stories of his travels around the world.



Discovering new people, places, cultures... He has been travelling for many years throughout Spain and the rest of the world. He uses that expertise now to offer his country to everyone sharing his passion for travelling.



Sportsman, adventurer and nature lover, he knows well those hidden places in Spain not shown in travel guides. He’s always searching for new places to discover and enjoys sharing stories and beers with people.


Graphic Designer

Daydreamer, she’s always thinking about making every little detail count. Good taste is her way of life. She loves wandering around cities or towns in Spain to recharge her batteries and let her imagination run wild.


Content Writer

Travelling and education are her two passions, and she always tries to combine them both in her travels around the world. She’s also a great content writer and knows the best destinations in Spain.


English Content Editor

A frequent visitor to Spain, George is an experienced content writer and editor who enjoys learning about new places and cultures.

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