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Mediterranean Colours

Mediterranean Colours



Discover the colours of the Spanish Mediterranean on a trip to its main destinations. By exploring the south and east coast of the country you will discover its history and tradition in combination with all the fun, relaxation, good food and art this region has to offer you.

  • Day 1: Malaga

  • Day 2: Malaga

  • Day 3: Granada

  • Day 4: Granada

  • Day 5: Alicante

  • Day 6: Alicante

  • Day 7: Valencia

  • Day 8: Valencia

  • Day 9: Barcelona

  • Day 10: Barcelona

  • Day 11: Barcelona

  • Day 12: Barcelona


From North to South

From North to South



This itinerary full of contrast takes you from Barcelona to Malaga, going all over Spain from North to South. You will discover all the tradition and culture of unique regions like the Basque Country and Andalusia; on your way you will stop in places that will fascinate you.

  • Day 1: Barcelona

  • Day 2: Barcelona

  • Day 3: San Sebastián

  • Day 4: San Sebastián

  • Day 5: Bilbao

  • Day 6: Madrid

  • Day 7: Madrid

  • Day 8: Granada

  • Day 9: Granada

  • Day 10: Cordoba

  • Day 11: Sevilla

  • Day 12: Sevilla

  • Day 13: Malaga

  • Day 14: Malaga

  • Day 15: Malaga


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My girlfriend and I took the 'Mysteries of Al-Andalus' trip to Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada, and had a great experience. The price was very reasonable and the travel guides were amazing, they were full of local ...   More

Decouvrir l'Espagne sans casser sa tirelire, profiter des tuyaux de voyageurs experimentes tout en gardant sa liberte, c'est ce que propose nomads spain. Les resa sont faciles, les conseils avises bref a recommander!!!   More

This is an amazing, alternative and out-of-the-box-thinking travel agency! If you've already been in Madrid and Barcelona - there's so much more of Spain to explore! I love how it was so easy to find an interesting ...   More

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