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Güell Park, designed by Gaudí


Good weather, a wide range of cultural offerings and delicious food make Barcelona the perfect city for travellers. The most cosmopolitan city in the country is also the most visited with hundreds of thousands of tourists walking around its medieval centre, beach and port every year.

Whether you come to visit the modernist work of architects like Gaudí or you're just looking for one of the most vibrant nightlife's in Europe, you will fall in love with Barcelona.

Madrid views, with Almudena cathedral


Madrid has always been a place of shelter for all sorts of people, making the city a hive of art and ideas. It has one of the largest cultural offerings in Europe, with the Art Triangle and other contemporary spaces

There's a never-ending list of things to do in Madrid, and among its different neighbourhoods, museums and monuments you will find countless bars, restaurants and pubs. Stop for a while in a few or spend the whole night in one with the friendly locals.

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia


Valencia is vibrant and full of energy. In this city you can find the most cutting-edge cultural centres or simply enjoy the stunning weather and beautiful beach

The City of Arts and Sciences is the main attraction in Valencia, but you will also find plenty of places to have fun in its lively and bustling city centre.

Plaza de España (Spain Square), Seville


Seville is the capital of Andalusia and a perfect example of the region. It's historical and cultural heritage along with its food and leisure activities make the city a mandatory stop in any trip to the south of Spain.

Neighbourhoods full of life with countless monuments, cultural buildings, squares, streets, bars and pubs will all make your stay in Seville seem shorter than expected, leaving you craving more.

Alhambra panorama, Granada


Granada is famous for the Alhambra, but the city is much more than that. With a Muslim and Christian mix, the narrow streets and whitewashed houses make Granada one of the most attractive destinations in Spain.

In addition, the university atmosphere and low prices will help you have fun without emptying your wallet. Free tapas with your drinks at many bars are the perfect addition to a day of sightseeing.

Guggenheim museum, Bilbao


From old industrial town to cutting edge city, the last few years have turned Bilbao into an attractive combination of culture and tradition, including world-famous museums like the Guggenheim.

You cannot miss Bilbao food. Try pintxos in one of the many taverns of the famous Old Quarter of the city. The city's glorious surroundings won't leave you disappointed either.

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